Price Increase and Ranks Update

Hi Brand Ambassadors,

As we move into the next stage and leave our beta phase, our free monthly activation promotion has now ended and we have rolled out a number of updates.

We have increased and also decreased some of our prices due to a number of factors related to increase in costs from inflation, costs in manufacture and shipping which we partially subsidize.

Our monthly activation will decrease from €59 to €50 per month, saving you €120 per year.

We have added information regarding CBD, the health benefits and the basics you need to know as well as CBD FAQ's accessible via: and

We have also updated our ranks in our back office shown below. One time cash bonuses for reaching a rank have been removed and will be replaced with a monthly residual opportunity shortly, following the launch of our new backoffice:

Brand Ambassador
0 BV
Bronze Ambassador
500 BV
Silver Ambassador
1 000 BV
Gold Ambassador
2 000 BV
Platinum Ambassador
5 000 BV
Diamond Ambassador
10 000 BV
Double Diamond Ambassador
25 000 BV
Triple Diamond Ambassador
50 000 BV
Elite Diamond Ambassador
100 000 BV
Blue Diamond Ambassador
250 000 BV
Black Diamond Ambassador
500 000 BV
Royal Ambassador
1 000 000 BV
Presidential Ambassador
2 000 000 BV